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Quantum Internet Solutions

Quantum Internet Solutions is family owned and operated. After having spent months working in various remote locations where the internet service left much to be desired, the owners believed that everybody had a right to better connectivity. They quickly gained a reputation for their excellent customer service, and willingness to always put the customer or client first.

Whether it is your home or business - Quantum can provide cutting-edge internet services,VOIP phones, and a wide-variety of other services and solutions. Quantum Internet Solutions specializes in bringing Faster speeds to any home or business, and engineering innovative solutions for remote communities and workplaces. 

No job is too big or too complicated, and Quantum Internet Solutions will treat every customer and client like family. We design, create & customize packages for each and every one of our clients, delivering on your specific needs and situation.  

Give us a call today or send us an email, and we will be happy to put package together a package that just right for you!

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What benefits can Quantum Internet Solutions VOIP services provide you for your company?

  • Quantum Internet Solutions Commercial VOIP services can save you money on long-distance calling and offers increased flexibility for you and your staff.
  • Quantum Internet Solutions Commercial VOIP services allow you to access your phone system, including voice mail, anywhere there’s an Internet connection
  • Quantum Internet Solutions Commercial VOIP services are a smart option for your workforce that travels or works from home – perfect for the current Covid-19 working restrictions.
  • Quantum Internet Solutions Commercial VOIP services are scalable - allowing you to adjust and expand your phone services as your business needs change.
  • Guess what! Quantum Internet Solutions Commercial VOIP services are available even when phone lines are down and the power is out.

Why are more companies choosing Quantum Internet Solutions Commercial VOIP Services?

VOIP is affordable. When you choose a company like Quantum Internet Solutions for your Commercial VOIP Services you are choosing a company that has predictable budgeting – meaning your monthly rates stay the same! You won’t need to worry about how many calls you make or how many calls your staff makes (nationally or internationally) and you won’t be paying for obsolete phone equipment. With Quantum Internet Solutions everything is covered with your monthly costs.

Quantum Internet Solutions VOIP Commercial Services provide you with additional cost savings by lowering your onsite communication costs. Quantum will also utilize your existing data network cabling to minimize the hardware redundancy. Your company, whether it be the forestry industry, oilfield operations, agricultural operations, gas industry operations, infrastructure operations, health services industry, school district operations, Canadian Railway industry operations, transportation and communication industries, electric utility holding companies, and post-secondary institutions; will benefit from all of the perks that a VOIP system can offer. Unlimited calling around the world, hardware & upgrades you need at a low price, calling features you may not find on a traditional phone system, smooth easy transition from current phone system to the Quantum Internet Solutions VOIP System as well as 24/7 support! Quantum Internet Solutions Commercial VOIP Systems are going to be the right choice for you.

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