Residential & Commercial Internet Plans

If you need the speed of Fiber Internet and have no fiber lines in the area, and the build costs are too high give us a call and see what we can do for you . Bonded ADSL with speed up to 900 Mbps Down : Call for details/ some restrictions apply.

Business ADSL:
Business 6 Mbps : $60.00/month
Business 15 Mbps : $80.00/month
Business 25 Mbps : $100/month
Business 50 Mbps: $115/month
Business 50 Bonded: $120/month
Business 100 Bonded $130/month
Dry Loop services add $15 per month.
Business Dry Loop Setup fees are $70 ( No Phone Number Required )

Business Cable Internet: 
Business Internet 20: $65.00/month                    
Business Internet 30: $80.00/month                        
Business Internet 75: $95.00/month                         
Business Internet 150: $125.00/month 
Business Internet 300: $150.00/month

Business Internet 600/30 $180.00/ month
Business Internet 600/ 100 $195.00 / month
Business Internet 1GB / 125 $215.00 / month

Residential ADSL:
Residential up to 6.0 Mb: $40.00/month
Residential up to 15.0 Mb: $50.00/month
Residential up to 25.0 Mb: $60.00/month
Residential up to 50.0 Mb Bonded: $85.00/month
Residential up to 100.00 Mb Bonded: $110.00/month
Dry Loop services add $15 per month.
Residential Dry Loop Setup fees are $40. (No Phone number Required )

Residential Cable Internet:
Internet 20: $50.00/month
Internet 30: $60.00/month
Internet 75: $80.00/month
Internet 150: $100.00/month
Internet 300: $110.00 / month
Internet 600: $115.00 / month 
All residential / commerical  accounts include unlimited data.
Limited time offer. We will waive the $90.00 install fee if bundled up with another one of our services  

All new accounts require Actiontec T2200M VDSL modem for DSL.

The maximum upload speed on 6.0 and 15.0 Mbps ADSL ports in Western Canada is 1.0 Mbps.
The maximum upload speed on 25 Mbps VDSL ports is 6.0 Mbps, 12 Mbps on 50 Mbps connections and 24 Mbps on 100 Mbps bonded connections.
25, 50 and 100 Mbps VDSL connections are available in select locations and require a VDSL modem.
Static IPs are available on all ADSL accounts. 

Residential Services

A new Cable or ADSL Modem  is required on all new connections.  When switching providers any equipment you do not own may be required by your previous provider to be returned.  We cannot support other service providers equipment.

The cost of cable modem is $100.00 to own  or  Rent it for  $10.00 /month + Tax

The cost of DSL modem is $ 100.00 to own or Rent it for $10.00/ month+ Tax

All internet plans are unlimited data.

All new accounts require a $100.00  deposit for account to be setup. The deposit can be paid by VISA, MC, Cheque, Cash
If payment is being made by credit card a copy of valid ID is required (for your security an ours).